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The First FreeRope Competition, Stockholm, Report

Hi, Guys!!! It's so pity that our great event-competition is over. We had waited for it too long, and it passed  too quickly. …


Trainee in Freerope before The Competition :)

Today our team (me, Vladimir and Dmitry) held a training and tested  the one part of our distance, which we will introduce for the interessted next suterday. It was much fun and excitement


The first FreeRope Competition in Sweden (Stockholm)

Obvious!!!!!! We have received the most important ingredient for our event!!!! The Rope came :) And we are loaded for making it really unforgetable!!!! it will be much energie, fun and excitement!!!! When? Where? Suterday the 19 october, 13.00, Björkhagen :)


Freerope in Sweden :)

Ознакомительное мероприятие-соревнования по FreeRope  в Стокгольме!!!! Впервые, FreeRope расширяет границы, и начинает свое путешествие по Европе. Начнем с Швеции :) Участники: все желающие взрослые и дети. Трасса будет состоять из 10-11 элементов, разной сложности.